Monday, 21 September 2015

Photos: Shoppers watch in horror as two men have brutal fist fight in car park - in front of young boy

Shoppers watched in horror as two men had a brutal bare-knuckle fist fight in a car park - while being egged on by a young child.
The outrageous footage is believed to have been recorded in a town in Ireland last week outside Dunnes Stores, a retail chain that sells food, clothes and household goods.
One man throws punches topless while the other wears a bright green t-shirt.
YouTubetwo men battering each other in car park
Shocking: The pair batter each other as a child watches on
The clip shows the two men punch each other for over two minutes, with a child heard crying in the background at the beginning of the video.
A child can also be heard shouting "come on daddy" towards the end of the clip.
The youngster then says: "Are you a bit fat belly?" as one of the men walks away.
YouTubeTwo men battering each other in car park
Fight: A baby cries in the background as the two men throw punches
The man in the green knocks his opponent to the ground early in the video and tells him to get back up.
Stunned shoppers can be seen looking at the fight from an entrance to the shopping centre and cars also drive by the two men as they hit one another.

The clip has since been shared on YouTube.
From Uk Mirror

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