Friday, 2 October 2015

Arsene Wenger threatens to storm out of pre-Man United press conference

Frenchman cannot control his anger when asked about his decision to play David Ospina over Petr Cech in Champions League defeat against Olympiakos

Arsene Wenger threatened to walk out of his press conference when he was asked whether Jose Mourinho was right in claiming he was the only Premier League manager not under pressure.
The Arsenal manager appeared to show signs of strain, however, by saying it was “depressing” and “boring” that his decision to play David Ospina over Petr Cech in the Champions League defeat at home to Olympiakos had been criticised.
“Stop that story or we stop the press conference,” Wenger said when asked about Mourinho’s claim before adding when asked whether Cech would play in Sunday’s Premier League match against Manchester United: “Do not come always back with that same story. I think you lack a bit of creativity in the press at the moment and you follow a bandwagon. It’s very boring.
“I don’t go along with that (criticism). If you have an interesting question I will answer but apart from that let’s not always come back to the same story. Come to the game on Sunday and you will see who’s in the goal.
“I think you have not watched well the game on Tuesday night. To come always with the same story.
“You can put the goalkeeper you want in the goal. He can make a mistake and you have to accept that.

Source: The Telegraphy

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