Wednesday, 25 November 2015

500 Nigerians deported from UK arrive airport

A picture of some Nigerians, who were deported from the United Kingdom.
A private chartered flight belonging to Titan Airways, landed Murtala Muhammed International Airport this morning, with 500 Nigerian deported from the United Kingdom onboard.
Some of the deportees, who were stranded in the Airport, said they had nowhere to go, because they did not have the details of any of their family members.

Others said that they were unhappy because they were arrested by the police, and scheduled for deportation, without any chance to pack their stuff.
According to BBC, the Nigerian Government has since expressed its displeasure of the planned deportation of over 29,000 Nigerians, adding that due process should be followed.
The Nigeria High Commissioner, Olukunle Bamgbose, also insisted that the UK Government should ensure that only Nigerians are really deported from the UK to Nigeria.
Reports say the UK deports up to 100 detainees every month.

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