Friday, 20 November 2015

Family abandons mental patient in church after deliverance

When Iyoha Enahoro sought to help a mentally ill man, he never envisaged that his actions may turn out to be a burden on himself and family.

The cleric has said that family members of a mental patient, John Kakaviya, have abandonedhim after a deliverance prayer session.
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Enahoro is trying to get the family members of the 35-year-old to take him for medical help instead. He had tried praying the demon out of the man but to no avail.

“I had been seeing the man at the Ketu bus stop and I discovered that he had a mental problem. I sometimes gave him food and money but on July 1, 2015, I left my house at Ikorodu with some clothes which I intended to give him.
“When I saw him, I decided to also pray for him and after the prayers, I discovered he became calm. I took him to a medical centre where he was given treatment and he later slept. I could not take him directly to a psychiatric hospital because of lack of funds, so I took him home.”

He then contacted the patient’s family members and they were able to identify him but he wasn’t able to convince them to take him back.
“God used me to pray for him, but then, doctors also have a role to play for him to be mentally stable. His family members have been making all kinds of excuses and saying they do not have money with which to take him to a psychiatric hospital.

I have been wondering if they have abandoned him and want me to continue to look after him. It is becoming unbearable for me. I have my own family and children that I have to take care of. I think the man needs urgent medical attention,” he added.
Enahoro claims he has been taking care of mental patients since 1991 and promises that this isn’t a means to profit from his alms-giving.
The patient’s sister, Rita, however, said the family didn’t abandon him but had financial challenges.

Describing the victim as a brilliant young man whose dreams were shattered by a strange illness, Rita said after getting the news that John had become calm after Enahoro prayed for him, the family rushed there and saw his health condition had improved.
She said: “John’s mental problem started about 13 years ago shortly after he finished secondary school and was preparing for his entrance examination into the university.
“We were living together at the time. I just discovered that he would not sleep at night and started misbehaving. Later, the problem worsened and he left the house and took to the streets.

“Our parents are dead. I am married, but jobless and my sister, who could have assisted, is a widow. She is struggling with her business.”

Source: Ladun Liadi blog

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