Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Photos: Modern Day Slavery: Woman takes housemaid to salon to fan her

A woman turned her maid into a slave
A Nigerian woman has been fingered in the case of a modern day slavery after she took her young housemaid with her to a salon and made the poor girl fan her for more than two hours.

The person who caught the high and mighty madam, Fransesca Joseph-Esenwa, even took a video of the disgraceful act.

"I witnessed this modern day slavery today at a nail salon. This woman who arrived in a jeep, came with this girl who looked rather unkempt and had her fan her for over 2 hours.
I watched helplessly and prayed for life to be able to add value for my children. If she can use her as a mobile fan for over 2 hours in public, you can then imagine what she uses her for behind closed doors.
No help for this children as we watch them being abused; no school.
Still hurt by this.

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