Monday, 23 November 2015

LASU Management says it has the right to increase fees

LASU main gate
The Lagos State University (LASU) management are standing by their decision to increase acceptance fees from N10, 000 to N20, 000.
The University's students union have protested against this increase and demanded for a ‎reversal of the fees with immediate effect to prevent crisis.
The LASU authorities, in response, have maintained that they have the right to review and increase fees, aside tuition fees which the State government was in charge of.

LASU registrar, Mr Akin Lewis made this known while speaking to press on Friday.
Lewis said that the university only expected the new students who had been offered provisional admission, to pay an acceptance fee.
This is not the first time new students are paying acceptance fee, so, an increment should not be an alarm, the management has the right to review and increase fees.
“This is not an increment in tuition fees, but an increment in acceptance fee and the management has reasons for its decisions,” he said.
Meanwhile, the students' union, has released a statement which asked new students not to pay these fees until the issue is rectified.
They insisted that making this decision without informing the union is wrong.
The recent increment of the new students’ acceptance fee and indigenous verification fee, from N10, 000 and 1,000 respectively to 20,000 and 5,000 came as a shock to LASUSU.
“We state emphatically that the management coming out with this increment at this time is a calculated attempt on the part of the management.
“The idea is to introduce what we tag as a “divide and rule” principle between students and the newly admitted students, which the students’ union firmly and judiciously stands against.
“This is also an attempt to bring back the already solved issue of school fees hike; an increment in the acceptance fee will surely lead to an increase in the school fees of new students, which we reject in its totality," it said.

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