Thursday, 12 November 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo film suggests star thinks his abs are twelve times more important than Man United

Though Cristiano Ronaldo has attained legendary status at Real Madrid , the nagging feeling that he'd like a return to the Premier League has never quite gone away. If he were to come back, it's hard to imagine him anywhere other than the club where he made his name - Manchester United .
It's often said that the Portuguese superstar still holds the Red Devils close to his heart. True romantics everywhere long for his return to the urban northwest.

However, if the 'Ronaldo' film is anything to go by, he might not be all that fond of Manchester after all.
We thought The Wall Street Journal was all about stocks and shares and stuff, but it turns out the clever folk there think about football too. They've analysed the 'Ronaldo' film by the numbers, producing a minute-by-minute breakdown of its running time.
As it turns out, only 19 seconds of the film show CR7 playing for Man United. By contrast, 3 minutes and 45 seconds are dedicated to showing him topless. That means that the film comprises roughly twelve times as much footage of Ronaldo's abs than it does of his career at Old Trafford. It's not like the film strays far from Cristiano's main interests , either - we reckon that balance is pretty much reflective of his priorities. Ronaldo busts out the moves dancing the YMCA with his pals while on board a yacht in St Tropez
Just look at those abs!

Considering that the footage of Cristiano playing for Manchester United is also shorter than that of him on private jets (2 minutes 25 seconds) and him singing along to Rihanna (1 minute 7 seconds), the Red Devils really don't seem to be at the forefront of his mind.

Source: Mirror

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