Thursday, 19 November 2015

Neymar tries to give his Brazil shirt to referee but gets snubbed

Jose Hernando Buitrago declined an offer that some would have given their right arm for.
The Colombian referee had taken charge of Brazil's 3-0 World Cup 2018 qualification win over Peru overnight.

At the final whistle, Brazil captain Neymar bizarrely offered him his shirt.
It's unclear why Neymar made the gesture, although it has been suggested that the Barcelona man was upset at the performance of the referee.​Buitrago kept on his professional head and refused, of course, laughing and shaking his head.
The forward was said to be unhappy at the referee after he picked up a booking in the first half for a clumsy tackle.

Neymar's father further fueled speculation that he could leave Barcelona in the near future, with the Spanish tax authorities proving problematic.
The 23-year-old has around £30million in assets frozen in Brazil.
"If we cannot work in Spain we will have to leave," he told Spanish radio station Cadena Sur.
"We are talking about the renewal [with Barcelona] but we are a bit concerned about other outstanding matters. We cannot continue with this uncertainty over the tax situation. We do not know if we are doing things the right way or not."

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